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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas, Creating Histories & New Year's Cleaning of the Brain

Dear Scribblers

Sometimes you wonder where the time goes. I can't believe it's Christmas week already!

There has been a major change here in the home of the Crafty Scribe. We have a new member of the furry family.

Welcome Merlin!

He's been helping with the Christmas decorations, wrapping and of course card making! I've made over 70 cards this year, and now they are all posted along with all the parcels winging their way around the country to family and friends.

Communiqué - News Flash - Communiqué

There is some Crafty Scribe news too! 

I will be starting a new series called Scrapbooking & Journalling Your Own History

Every person in the world has their own story to tell, and I feel that it is important for you to record your own personal history. You can include your own family tree and genealogy, or just begin with your own birth or any other significant point in your journey. It's up to you.

I'll be beginning with supplies you require, and work all the way through to recording your past, and setting goals for your future.

I'll hope you will join me.

If you would like to get a head start. Have a warm drink - or something stronger, if you are old enough and are sensible about it! ;-) - and a mince pie, put your feet up and dream. 

Think about what areas of your past life you would like to record for your future. Are you going to include past family? Present family and friends? Are you going to go from birth? From school? From adulthood? Will you include photos? Draw? Writing only? How much details would you like to go into, and how you would like to capture these memories? Are you going to scrapbook? Journal? Art book? Mini book? A4 folder? Sketch book? Canvas panels? Artist trading cards? Film? Let your mind wander, bring forward the images of your life. 

When you know what you want, you could begin to collect your crafty items together, ready to be off and running into the new year. Don't worry if you don't know yet, I'll be offering up further tips in the first lesson.

Project for Today: Here's my take on New Year's Resolutions. I like to summarise the past year like this, as I feel it clears the air between the ears and allows new positive beginnings and fresh ideas to enter. 

I call this New Year's Cleaning of the Brain.

Christmas Eve is a good day to do this. Once all your presents are wrapped, and all the cards sent, and the shopping is completed. Take a moment for yourself, and write down (or draw) in a notebook, all those things (people included) you are grateful for, and all those experiences in 2009 you've really enjoyed. Then write down any sad or difficult situations, next to it, jot down what you learnt from it. Knowing what you know now, would you have dealt with it differently? How would you have changed it? This is called reframing - take the negative and turn it positive.

Once you've done this, leave it for a while. Enjoy the holidays, and when you are ready come back to your notebook. If you want to journal, scrap or art about what you've listed. 

Then write in your notebook, all those goals and aspirations you have for the coming year. Don't just write down resolutions, create a personal list of your future dreams. Make it as positive as possible, and write in the present. For example, instead of writing, "I won't smoke anymore." Write, "I do not smoke - I am healthy and my lungs are clear." Or "I am open to my dream job - I enjoy every day I go to work." Make your list as precise and detailed as possible.

Then create the journal, scrap, art page about this. If you complete this every year, you can see what you have accomplished from your resolution page to your review page. You'll be surprised how much more you will achieve if you put pen to page.

I would love to hear how you feel after creating your own pages, or any further ideas you would like to share.

Merry Scribing Christmas
from The Crafty Scribe!

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