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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Lazy LSNED and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers

I thought I would show you another one of my paper layouts today.

This is of the very lazy Sunday I previously blogged about using the digital layout. I thought you would like to see the difference between the two versions. I've kept the paper pages as simple as possible so I can achieve making both versions every day without taking up too much time.

Project of the Day... is back! Here's one for you to try. Take one of your favourite photos are try using it on a number of different layouts. How about a digital version? 12 x 12 size? Then 8 x 8? Try placing it on a clear plastic sheet? Or on a circular page? How different does it look each time? Which is your favourite and why? Try coming up with other ideas. I'll love to see your finished projects.

Happy Scribing!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weather or not! A LSNED layout.

Dear Scribblers

I loved Shimelle's prompt the other day on Learn Something New Every Day. She asked us to take a look at the nature around us. Could we notice that Summer was turning into Autumn?

For me, it was the other way round! The weather forecast has been set for doom, gloom and heavy rain, but when I got up it was blue skies all the way. (Sorry, I don't know where the poem came from - can only find 'anon'. If you know, please let it in the comments. Thank you.)

It's a pity it's all change now! That forecast is finally true.

What's the weather like where you are?

Happy Scribing!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Interpretation with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

How do you use the papers and embellishments you are going to use? Do you choose the photo first, and then the papers? Or the other way round? What about if you are doing a series like this, and you've limited your colour palette, how do you add interpretation to your page?

For example, I already had my colours set, and the photo and title ready for my layout below. I thought to myself, what can I add to bring it all together?

I thought about the picture of the clear sky. I thought about the title of blue sky thinking. What did that remind me of? Of course...

... Butterflies!

Happy Scribing!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

LSNED Update and Stuff!

Dear Scribblers

Just to let you know how I'm getting on with LSNED.

I'm up to day 23 on my paper pages. Result! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance yet to photograph half of them, but stay posted and I promise I'll upload them as soon as I can. I'm completely up to date on the digital pages, like this one below:

These objects represent numerous aspects of my personality. There's crafting, screenwriting, technology, journalling, sci-fi, fantasy, photography, cats, travel, film making, angels, spirituality, fashion and beauty goodies.

What makes you... YOU?

Happy Scribing!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Artist's Way with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

This book changed my whole outlook on creativity! To anyone who writes, draws, paints, makes music. crafts, acts, dances, I would recommend you to take a look at Julia Cameron's website to find out more.

Following the 12 week course in The Artist's Way got me journalling and writing affirmations every single day. It helped me lift long term blocks and got me focused. Have a look at my previous post about this great book too.

Happy Scribing!

Friday, 24 September 2010

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

I thought I would show you another one of my paper pages today, and it's one you've already seen in digital format. 

Do you notice the blue backing paper with the bubbles? This is actually not a craft product, but an advert sheet in a magazine for deodorant, of all things! The reason why I kept it to use is that it is actually a hologram. (I think that's the best term for it.) It's a fairly thick plastic sheet and when you twist the sheet, the bubbles move! Fabulous. Perfect for a watery page, don't you think?

Happy Scribing!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Relearning with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Some pages aren't always directly about learning... this one is based on relearning.

We 'found' a favourite spot once more.

Happy Scribing!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Spot The Difference with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

I'm astounded with how different my digital layout and paper page looks, even though I'm using the same photo and the same title.

Take for example this day:

This is the digital version, using the colour palette of red and beige.

This is the paper version, with a colour palette of black, white and blue (although there's a little cheat of red on this one!) Each page is ATC sized. I've used a bind-it-all to punch the holes in the top and bottom to make it look like a film strip as I plan to string them together and hang them in my study. I was able to use my boarding pass and luggage tag to illustrate my title.


This is the front...

... and this is the back.

They look so different. I'm not sure which one I prefer. I've noticed, I'm not quite as happy with the paper version when I look at each ATC individually, but to see them together in a line, it looks great. Once I've strung them up, I'll post a photograph to show how they look.

Happy Scribing!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

LSNED - Surprise!

Dear Scribblers

Yesterday I wrote about looking at the small things. Today, is all about the big things, and boy, is this big!

I never expected to turn the corner and find this on Southsea Common! Apparently, it's been there a while but it was the first time I've seen it. I didn't even know it was there, so it was a brilliant surprise to see something so amazing and unexpected. He (She?) is living there until 10 October. How much fun is that?

Happy Scribing!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Finding Beauty in the Small Things with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

I love my garden. Even though it's quite tiny, we seem to be very lucky with our planting. Sometimes it's a jungle out there! I'm especially proud of our bumper crop of grapes this year.

I've always known that our garden is a little haven, but I had a wonderful surprise. I was sitting in the conservatory scrapping my paper pages. The sun was shining and I had the doors wide open, letting in the soft breeze and the warmth, when something caught my eye.

An enormous green iridescent Dragon Fly! It hovered at the door, I thought it was going to enter, then it bobbed away over to our fountain before disappearing over the fence. I've never seen one as big as this in the UK before. Beautiful, uplifting and awesome. I wish it had stuck around for a photo, but at least it is a moment captured in my mind forever.

If you notice, I've used mostly the same products on each of my digital pages to keep a uniformed look to the 'mini-book'. All I've added in addition on this page is the fabulous 'Today and Always' stamp from Jessica Sprague's Echoes of Asia kit. I hope you think it works, and the pages don't blend and look too boring.

Happy Scribing!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

LSNED with quotes

Dear Scribblers

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I like using quotes on pages. This one was no exception. I decided not to add any further explanation or journalling to the layout, as I felt the quote says it all.

I've been thinking about how I have always wanted to live my life, and my own personal philosophy. I feel that I am at a crossroads at the moment. Ready to head off in a different direction, but not exactly knowing which way. This page reminds me to follow my dreams, even though it may be bumpy along the way.

Happy Scribing!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Catching Up and Staying Focused with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

We are over the midway point on LSNED. I'm up-to-date on the digital pages. It hasn't been easy as I've never used Photoshop Elements before this, so I've been learning as I've gone on. I'm sure there are lots more ways I could improve the look of the pages, but I'm happy with what I've learnt so far. Little steps!

I'm up to Day 11 on my paper pages, but I haven't had the chance to photograph/scan them yet. Hopefully I'll get this done tomorrow and begin uploading some of those for you to look at.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to comment on the posts, I really appreciate it.

Here's another valuable lesson learnt on 14th September.

I have a habit of writing to-do lists and then going off and doing something entirely different! Or I go to start one project and something else distracts me. So I completed this page to remind me to stay focused. I found the quote on Think Exist, and took a magnifying glass to the screen and photographed the whole thing. I hope it makes my point. 

The quote by Alexander Graham Bell reads:
"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn unless focused."
Happy Scribing!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Lesson Truly Learnt with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Sometimes I get so excited and inspired by projects, goals and tasks that I throw my heart and soul into it. In the end, I have nothing left for me and I become ill. These are the times I need to take a step back, relax and just let my body catch up with my ever-ready over-eager mind.

This page was made to remind me to not let myself get to this point. It was a lesson learnt for the day, but I know I will forget it again! A lesson to learn, and relearn, and relearn, and... 

Happy Scribing!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

LSNED - Thinking Like Dorothy!

Dear Scribblers

Holidays are wonderful, and I think you probably know my views on that! However, it's also great to be back in my own surroundings, and with those furry little friends that unfortunately can't go away with you.

It is true... There's No Place Like Home!

Happy Scribing!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Look on The Lighter Side with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Coming home after a holiday can be quite disheartening, but seeing the cases waiting to go back into the loft made me smile.

Don't you think the top open case looks like it's down in the mouth? I think they want to go back on holiday, don't you?

As well as the previous stash, I've also used the circle stamp and ticket stub from Stacy Marks Courtship kit, and background sheet from Sande Kreiger's World Traveler kit.

Happy Scribing!


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Cheering Up A Grey Day with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

It's a very grey day today in the UK, and it's days like today that make me want to look back at brighter days, like this one:

A lot of businesses use the term "Blue Sky Thinking" to think above and beyond. Now, this is what I call blue sky thinking! A perfect day for inspirational thinking, creative ideas and imaginative dreaming.

Happy Scribing!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Thoughts on Moments with LSNED and Poems

Dear Scribblers

Today on my other blog, My Year as a Poet, I've been thinking about how things change. As life moves on you need to remember and enjoy each day. Take for example, this digital page I completed for LSNED.

We were sitting in the right spot, at the right time to watch the festa fireworks explode over the buildings. Then pow! Caught a fabulous shot to boot. Life should be filled with moments like this. Remember to appreciate them. 

As well as using Shimelle and The Queen of Quirks kits. The firework digital stamp is from the Home of the Brave kit by Sande Krieger.

Happy Scribing!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dare to Dream with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Don't you sometimes wish all your dreams would come true?

As I enjoyed the inviting water and the enveloping sun, for a moment I wished that this would be mine forever. I bought myself back to reality and scolded myself to just stay in the moment and enjoy the time I had there, but then again I don't think that there is anything wrong with daring to dream. I'm a firm believer of putting the positive thought into your mind and creating the life you want to live.

This page is a reminder for me to Dare to Dream.

Happy Scribing!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ten days into LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Where does the time go?

I'm loving receiving the daily prompts from Shimelle's course Learn Something New Everyday, but I'm playing catch-up at the moment due to being away from the computer and my crafting goodies for over a week.

I'm now raring to go, and beginning to pile my way through the daily pages. I'll be posting some of my efforts each day over the rest of the month. Please look out for all the postings with LSNED in the title.

I thought I would begin by showing you my very first ever digital page! I'm using Photoshop Elements, and the papers etc are from Shimelle, and also The Queen of Quirk Give Freely Vintage Stars and Stripes kit.

We are working on a 4x6in size which can be printed out at home or sent to a photo printers.

If you read my previous blog about the course, you'll know I'm also doing ATC sized paper pages too. I'll be posting some of the paper and some of the digital papers so you can see the difference even though I will be using the same photo and title on both. I hope you will join me on the rest of the journey throughout this month.

Happy Scribing!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Journal Prompt 55

Dear Scribblers
"This summer was... The best summer ever was..."
Happy Scribing!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Journal Prompt 54 and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers
"One dream I wish I could achieve is..."
Project of the Day: Break your dream down into steps, small achieve goals in list form. Now take that first goal and start on it today. Once you achieve it, cross it off your list. See. You've now a step nearer achieving your dream. It's easy!

Happy Scribing!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Journal Prompt 53

Dear Scribblers
Describe the best feeling in the world.
Happy Scribing!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Journal Prompt 52

Dear Scribblers
Write about your creativity. Do you have a process you follow? How do you begin? What inspires you?
Happy Scribing!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Journal Prompt 51 and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers
"My favourite birthday was..."
Project of the Day: Have you made a page about this birthday? Even if your favourite was many years ago, or even if you don't have any photos, make a layout with your thoughts and memories of the day. Remember to include the five senses. Can you recall smells, tastes, colours, sounds, games, feelings? Add it all.

Happy Scribing!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Journal Prompt 50

Dear Scribblers
"If I could have a super-power it would be the gift of flight... invisibility... strength... speed... time travel... another power..."
Happy Scribing!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Journal Prompt 49 and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers
"When I feel low, I cheer myself up by..."
Project of the Day: I hope you are feeling happy today. If not, do something to bring in that positivity. How about 30 minutes crafting or writing? Or just your favourite TV programme and a cup of tea? Or a walk in the sunshine? Go on, look after yourself. 

Happy Scribing!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Journal Prompt 48 and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers
Today, I was inspired by...
Project of the Day: Make a list of all the things - people - situations - comments that inspired you today. Choice one and journal or craft about it.

Happy Scribing!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Journal Prompt 47

Dear Scribblers
"The time I wish I could relive is..."
Happy Scribing!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Craft Scribe Communiqué - LSNED begins!

News Flash - Communiqué 

Dear Scribblers

Today is the first day of Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday in September mini-scrapbooking course. Go take a look, it's not too late to join in.

I thought you would like to see my title page and the blank daily cards ready for scrapping. They are ATC-sized, and the holes were produced by the Bind It All machine. The metal CD represents a film cannister. The black side is for the photos, and the white side is for journalling.

I'm going to keep it simple, as I'll also be creating a digital version following Shimelle's own digital downloads. I'm using it as an opportunity to teach myself digital Photoshop scrapbooking.

I'll be posting my on-going pages, please keep a look at for the posts with LSNED in the title.

Happy Scribing!

Communiqué Ends

Journal Prompt 46

Dear Scribblers
"If I could live another life, it would be..."
Happy Scribing!

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