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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Journal Prompt 87 and a Project of the Day with a difference!

Dear Scribblers

"My feelings about the forthcoming holiday are... "

Project of the Day: Now December is here, the end of year holidays are approaching fast. Are you one of these people who has already organised everything and are looking forward to the fun with friends and family? Will you be alone? Have you begun the shopping and preparation you need to do, or will you leave it until last minute? Whatever your personal experience, take a time-out and reflect on how you really feel. Have you thought about how others feel at this time of year? About how different everyone's experiences will be from one another. What does this season mean to you?

The project of the day can either be just reflective and think about these questions. Journal about them if you wish. You could do something practical for yourself, or for someone else. I'm not setting one individual goal. This is about you. Do something special and positive today, something that shows what you truly believe in. Go on, you might surprise yourself!

Happy Scribing!

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