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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Shimelle's 'Learn Something New Every Day'

I enrolled on the fabulous crafting supremo, Shimelle's 'Learn Something New Every Day'. So since 1 September, I have been creating a 8x6 page a-day, which will end up as a mini-album by the end of the month.

If you would like to find out more about Shimelle and her courses - click here!

For yesterday's page, we thought about regrets, and here's mine!

As I wanted to add a lot of writing to the page, I kept the photo simple - manipulating one I'd recently taken of the full moon. I think it evoked my mood as I wrote.

The journalling reads, "At 16 years old, I told my friends that I would live without regards. I even created a mantra to strengthen my convictions! But what do we actually know as teenagers?

At 40, I know there is nothing I have done which I regret, but there are things I regret not doing. So maybe my 16 year old self did know something!

I learned that it's truly time to: Live Life to the Full and Enjoy!"

So what did your 16 year old self tell you? Do you still believe the same now?


  1. Paula I agree with your sentiment. i am having some health problems at the mo and it has made me determined to live life to the full, once things are sorted. Glad you like my cats. Aren't they great pets.

  2. I agree with you both life is for living not for regrets x

  3. I'm glad it made you think, ladies. Enjoy each and every day! Happy Scribing!


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