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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Getting Graphic! - Make Your Own Comic Book

Part Two - Harnessing Your Alternative Computer Programmes for use in Journalling and Scrapbooking.

Dear Scribblers,

Once upon a time, a variety of Apple Macs came bundled with a fantastic programme from Freeverse called Comic Life.

Those times are gone, and if you want a copy of Comic Life you need to buy it. But the good news is, it’s now available from Plasq in a brand new deluxe version for both Windows and Mac. Result!

So, why am I so excited about this programme? Comic Life can add an extra fun dimension to your scrapbook pages.

For example: Have you been to a theme park over the summer? Have you been on holiday? Have you been to a birthday party? Did you take tons of photos, but want to use a number of them on one layout. Import them into Comic Life, add your titles, caption boxes and speech balloons.

Voila! You’ve turned a set of individual photos into a cohesive fun story - an imaginative way of adding journalling to your pages. Once you’ve created your comic, print it out and add it to your scrapbooking layout, or paste it into your journal.

There is also a feature within Comic Life which allows you to email your finished graphic novel directly to your friends, or upload it to your website.

The programme itself is easy to use, with great help support:

Copy of Mac version - from Freeverse  

Here’s a quick comic page I made for my recent project for Shimelle’s “Learn Something New Every Day” on-line course.

After finishing the comic page, I created an additional page for making the title and further journalling, printed them out and added it to my normal scrapbooking layout.

As well as Comic Life, there are a number of other comic creation programmes out there, such as; Comic Book Creator by Planetwide Games. Hit your browser, and take a look. Or you could even just try using your regular word processing or photo editing software. Get creative, and have a go!

Project of the Day - Have go at creating your own comic strip/page/book. Then add it to your layout, art diary or journal. Try something new today!

Happy Scribing!

Next in the series - Using Your Regular Word Processing Software in New Ways.

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