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Saturday, 3 October 2009

There's An App For That!

Part One - Harnessing Your Alternative Computer Programmes for use in Journalling and Scrapbooking.

Dear Scribblers,

Do you own an iPhone or iPod Touch? Have you seen all the great apps available which you can adapt to use on your layouts?

You’ll find that these apps are useful for adding a quick title to your photo, a cute embellishment, flourish or two, or for writing your complete journalling. I’m sure you’ll have great fun trying them out. With the cost of them ranging from free to £2.99, it won’t diminish the pennies too much in these credit crunch times.

Here are just a handful of my favourites which I use on a regular basis to enhance my pages.


There are a number of apps available based on the Japanese trend of Purikura, which are photo booths found out on the streets and in shopping malls. (The photo is taken, then words and cartoon style pictures can be added before they are printed onto stickers.)  These two app versions are great!

Photo Sticker by Alterme Inc - 59p

Puri Lite 2.0 by Think Bulbs Ltd - free (full version also available £1.79)

You can take your photo using your iPhone (or upload a photo onto the iPhone/iPod), then play around with the borders, stamps, cartoons, slogans, or add your own words and drawings.

When you are happy, you can save it to your photos. Puri Lite also has the option of sending your finished art work straight to facebook, or your email account.

Here is an idea of what you can do with them.

Made with Puri Lite 2.0


I love the look and feel of postcards, and the following two apps work perfectly. Both are easy to use, with the ability to add titles and journalling in a variety of colours and fonts. Save the finished cards to your own photos, or post them on via email, or your social networking site.

Postman by Freeverse Inc - 59p

Postage by RogueSheep - £2.99

Postman has a more traditional postcard feel. I like the postage stamp, and also the ability to add the weather. Whereas, Postage, has more options, including some with just borders and no journalling features.

Made with Postman


Another stand alone app is Polarize. Quick, easy, fun and free! Turn your photos into a retro-styled Polaroid photo. You can add one line of journalling up to 14 characters in only one choice of font.

Polarize by Christopher Comair - free

The designer has created a flickr group for you to share your mini works of art.

Made with Polarize

What I like about all these apps, is that once you’ve manipulated your photo in one programme, you can open it in another, causing a layering effect.

Made with Picture Sticker and Polarize

Made with Postage and Puri Lite 2.0

Once you’ve finished with your photo, download it, and print it out for use on a layout or in your journal, or embed it into your digital scrapbooking.

For further information on these apps and many more, check out the iTunes store now.

If you have a favourite app which you use to journal or scrapbook, please write in the comments. I’d love to hear how you are using your iPhone/Pod.

(All prices in GBP £ - correct at the time of posting)

Happy Scribing!

Next in the series - another Freeverse programme - Comic Life.

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