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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Crafty Scribe's Favourite Quotes - 2. Project of the Day. The Artist's Way.

Dear Scribblers

Here is another quote. Short and sweet, but I think it packs a massive punch.

Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive.        - Stella Terrill Mann

If we lived our life following this, just think what we could achieve.

Project of the Day - Take a clean journal page/scrapbook sheet/art pad page, and pick one goal or desire you have. It doesn't matter how crazy you think it is.

  1. Now make that 'desire' your title. 
  2. Journal your 'ask', write out your want in clear conscise and POSITIVE language only. The request will only work if you are careful. Remember the old saying, 'Be careful what you wish for, as you may just get it.'
  3. Add pictures or drawings to your page to boost and empower your desire. If you can't draw, or have no photos. Cut out pictures from magazines, or download and print from the internet. You won't be showing anyone this page, so doing this is for your own private use.
  4. As you work, work with honesty. Keep an open mind, and 'Believe' this will work.
  5. Put the page away, and keep believing. If you find yourself wavering, and losing faith. Take out the page, and look at it. Allow the same feeling you felt to wash over you now. Was it strength? Was it enthusiasm? Or excitement. Enjoy the positive feelings again.
  6. Keep your page secret. It is for your eyes only, as this is a personal goal. Don't let others limit you by their negative comments or disbelief.
  7. Wait to 'Receive'. Now think about this? Your desire will not just show up on your doorstep, you will have to work for it, but look out for all those so-called coincidences and opportunities that pass your way. Say yes, to the favourable and constructive offers. They make take you a step nearer to achieving your goal.
  8. Remember there is no time restriction on this, so you need patience. If your desire does have a time frame, add it to your ask request.
I found today's quote within the pages of 'The Artist's Way' a book by Julia Cameron. The inspiration for today's project also came from my own experiences on working through the course. If you are interested in joining a support group who are presently working through the 12 weeks of The Artist's Way. Check out Mighty Mur's blog - 'I Should Be Writing' - the course is not just for writers, but anyone who wants to create. I thoroughly recommend it.

Happy Scribing!

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