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Monday, 29 March 2010

The Crafty Scribe's Favourite Quotes - 5, with a Project of the Day.

Dear Scribblers

I thought that this quote by the Roman writer, Publius Terentius would resonate with you as much today as it did in the 3rd century when it was written:
"Draw from others the lesson that may profit yourself."
Meaning, if someone does something you like, learn why they were successful and copy it. I'm not saying to plagiarise; I mean, look at what made something work, and develop it into your own style with your personal twist.

It is a quote that has been ‘used and learnt’ in the very modern practise of PMA- Positive Mental Attitude in the form of the R2A2 formula. This stands for:
Recognise - Relate - Assimilate - Action
Recognise the fabulous lesson, idea or concept.
Relate it to you own work or life.
Assimilate it, by working out how to use it and change it to work for you.
Action it by... well... Doing it!

This was developed by W. Clement Stone who wrote books such as; ‘The Success System that Never Fails’, ‘Believe and Achieve’ and (with Napoleon Hill) ‘Success Through Positive Mental Attitude’.  To find out more about W. Clement Stone and his 17 Principles of Success, please check out R2A2 or Amazon. (Please note I have no connection with these websites or books.)

Crafters follow this rule a lot. Have you? If you have ever copied someone else’s sketch in a ‘Scrap-lift’, you have gone through the process of R2A2. It’s one of the best ways to develop new skills. Simple and effective!

Project of the Day - Look to someone, or something that inspires you. Follow the R2A2 formula, and create something of your own. Notice how often you may do this anyway.

Happy Scribing!

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