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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Crafty Scribe Communiqué - So, How Do You Stay Individual As A Crafter, Writing or Artist?

Communiqué - News Flash

Dear Scribblers

Do you ever have an idea for a piece of writing, or a craft project only to see it produced by someone else before you had a chance to show it to anyone?

This happened to me this week. At the start of the year, I had an idea for a movie script which I wrote, completing the first draft, for the on-line group writing experience which is Script Frenzy. Since that time I've worked a little on editing it, but mainly left it on the back-burner while other projects occupied my time.

This week, the BBC broadcast a new drama called "The Deep", to say I was dismayed was an understatement, as it had so many elements of my own script.

Team of scientists/engineers - Check ✔
Under the Arctic Ocean - Check ✔
Missing colleagues - Check ✔
Unknown group dynamics/relationships - Check ✔
Investigating previously unknown deep sea crevice - Check ✔
Something monstrous lurking within - Check ✔
Change the set from a submarine to an Arctic Research Rig, and you are there! (Yes, I had the idea BEFORE the BP disaster - another coincidence.)

I was near to throwing the script in the rubbish bin, when I decided to change my attitude, and look at all the positives this taught me.

  1. If my story has so many similar basic elements, I MUST be doing something right, finding the hook in the script.
  2. Even if my story is similar, it's never going to be exactly the same. Another writer, crafter or artist will never have experienced and lived your life, so your project, ideas, characterisations, dialogue and STYLE will be different. That will always result in your own writing/crafting being UNIQUE - it comes from you. Who knows  (not to put anyone's work down) you might create something even better!
  3. There are only so many ideas and situations out there, so you will always find yourself in this situation, if you remember point 2, and keep to your own style, you will be individual. Look at three recent films: "Coco Before Chanel",  "Coco Chanel" and "Coco and Igor". All about the great designer Coco Chanel, but all different and all filmed within 2 years of each other. It didn't stop them from being produced.
  4. We are all connected in some way, I look at it as the Universal Mind Lattice (or the original World Wide Web!) so synchronicities will occur. Enjoy the experience, you are part of something bigger. 
  5. This is my main reason - I was writing the script for me, for my own education and experience. The fact that it has so many similarities to a produced television programmes makes me proud. I enjoyed coming up with the ideas, I enjoyed writing it, and I will continue to enjoy editing it and I practise and improve my writing. Don't let other people's work stop you from enjoying your own.
Relish in your own creativity, even if it is comparable to someone else's. Enjoy the identical as well as the individual. Remember this doesn't stop you from creating in your own style. You will always be special and extraordinary, because you are YOU!

Note: If there is any producers/production companies out there that would like to read my script, please let me know!

Happy Scribing!

Communiqué Ends...

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