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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Crafty Scribe Communiqué - CHA & ScrapTime iBooks Recommendation

Communiqué... News Flash... Communiqué

Dear Scribblers

Did you, like me, miss out on going to CHA last month? I'm not one of the lucky ones who has ever been, even though I would love to, but at least we get to see lots of photos from all the wonderful bloggers who attend, right?

How about going one better and seeing video? Check out Christine Urias and her crafty fact-packed video podcasts, Scrap Time. Not only has she uploaded a ton of inspiration from CHA Summer 2012, she also posts regularly to show products and techniques.

Christine has now expanded into the world of iBooks, creating crafting books on a number of subjects, including this one! CHA Summer 2012

Not only is it a full colour book jammed full of fabulous photos, its also includes lots of videos for you to watch... and it's FREE!

I enjoy watching all of Christine's videos and I've learnt so much from her, I promise you, it's worth a look.

Happy Scribing!

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I do not get paid or reimbursed, in any form, from any supplier mentioned.
I write about 'em, because I like 'em! ;-)

Communiqué Ends... Communiqué Ends...

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