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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

On Holiday, but still creating!

Dear Scribblers

September is turning out to be busier than I thought.

Actually, I'm on holiday at the moment on the spectacular Mediterranean island of Malta, but there's no rest for the writer/crafter. Using my favourite Smythson notebooks to write and jot down ideas for the two wonderful courses I'm doing on my return.

Yes, I did say two. Once again I'm doing Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday scrapbooking/journalling corse, along with the brand new UnEarth Your Creative Nature by Jani Franck. Both began on 1 September and last the month, and I feel they both give a creative boost whilst complimenting each other. Even though I haven't been able to start in earnest, I have been making notes and taking photos. I'll tell you more about how I'm coming along with full links both courses when I can. (I'm writing this using Blogger on my iPad and can't dd links.)

I'll be back in a few days with more info, plus the start of my 'Scrapbooking Your Holidays' series.

Happy Scribing!


  1. paula, i just saw your page about drawing page you made in the learn something new class, and i have to tell you it's excellent! what you drew, what you wrote, and what it all means now. go forth and conquer. :)

    1. Teddi, I've finally seen your comment. So sorry, it's taken so long to get back to you. I really appreciate what you've written. Thank you so much. I'm quite overwhelmed. I've had a few tough months due to ill health and an operation, but finally seem to be getting back on track. This has given me the boost of confidence I needed. Thank you again. Wishing you good luck in all you do. Warmest wishes and kind regards, Paula - TheCraftyScribe


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