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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back with a Vengence!

Dear Scribblers

My heavy heart! I am so sorry that it's been long time, no right.  have been on-line via Twitter and my poetry experiment - plus other off-line things have needed to take priority, including health, but I'm back!

Back with a Vengence! Or should I say revenge? Yes, there's going to be a few posts relating to a course I'm presently doing - Shakespeare's Hamlet. I'll be posting some of the assignments they'll require the students to complete. I was considering making these private posts, but I've decided to let you see my writing. We are all about writing too, aren't we?

I promise I'll fulfill some of the posts I discussed previously - better late than ever, I hope! - plus I was also thinking about including the odd post on other interests in my life. Along with writing and crafting, everything from books to science fiction and fantasy to fashion and beauty to theatre and everything in between. 

I hope you'll be with me for the journey. I'm looking forward to see what comes next! 

Happy Scribing!

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