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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Byte Sized Look at My Apples!

Dear Scribblers

called, "There's an Appealing Apple Aparatus for that!" My titles haven't changed, have they? They may not be funny, but often punny (or should that be puny!)

I felt it was time to show you my latest Apple tech, along with those cases and gadgets that I use along side them. 

This are my Apple collection now:

You'll probably notice that I still have my original iPod Classic, which I use as storage, and the iPod Touch which lives in its dock on my Gear4 bedside alarm clock. I update it with my latest music, podcasts and keep all of my audiobooks on there, so they are always close to hand. 

As you can see - although it does look like a shiny slab in the photo. Please see better pics below - my 13 inch white MacBook was replaced in November by a gorgeous new 11in MacBook Air. Oh my goodness, I adore the speedy 251GB flash drive, and I have 8GB memory, 2GHz Intel Core i7 running Mavericks. Quite meaty for such a svelt machine. The white MacBook is still going by the way, although the casings in chipping around the front edge and it's only running "Lion". My hubby has taken use of it. 

The iPhone 3GS was replaced my iPhone 5, and the one improvement I adore is the upgraded camera. Great for my Instagram photos. Please follow me @TheCraftyScribe, I try and post everyday. 

Plus added to my gadget collection is an iPad 2 - it's quite old now. Although it is taking all the new programme updates, I'm noticing it is slowing now and feeling clunky, but I'm still happy with it. I've recently had a new back cover for it. 

I found it in the sale items at Next for £5. A bargain! The colour doesn't show well on this photo, it's a beige/grey background with white, taupe and two tones of rusty red typewriters - quite subtle vintage shades. I thought it when well with my Lulu Guinness padded cover and pencil case. (Strange colours on the covers, too. The main one is white, but the smaller pencil case is light cream, but not as yellow as it's appearing.)

The cover I'm using with my MacBook Air was also a bargain. 

It's a black/blue/cream clutch bag I snapped up in a sale at New Look... for £4! I bought it in the off chance that it might fit, I liked it anyway and thought if it didn't, I would use it as a clutch. When I tried it, I couldn't believe it, it was like it was made for it! 

The laptop slides in perfectly, so safe and secure, plus there's room for a separate hard drive and SD card reader (more on that tomorrow) and a small zip pocket on the front for holding USB drives and SD cards, plus a larger flap pocket for leads, although there's no room for the power supply. 

I'm considering buying a snap-on cover to protect the aluminium case. I wonder what your experiences are of these? Are there any you would recommend?

You'll see from the photo, my iPhone is in the black quilted wallet style case. I prefer a case that protects the screen, as well as the back, and I like the sleek chic look of this one. 

As promised above, here's a better view of the MacBook Air - 

Do you recognise the pen lying on the iPad? It's the Ted Baker stylus pen, as seen in my previous blog series, "Popular Pens for Particular Purpose"

Please come back tomorrow to see all the gadgets which I use to support my Apple core products. (Apple?!? Core!! Geddit? Geddit?!? Oh, well! I think I need to watch where I drop my puns.) ;-)

Happy Scribing!

Important Notes

1. Please note that I am not connected to any company mentioned in this post. I do not receive any products, funding or gifting from these businesses. All products shown have been bought by me, or gifts from family or friends. I mention the items because I like them or have my own private opinion about them. It's just little old me talking about ma stuff! ;-)

2. If you would like to see more of anything in this series, please write a comment below, or 'like' and leave a comment by my 'A Byte Sized Look at My Apples' Instagram photo, letting me know what you would like me to post photos and write about. 

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