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Monday, 30 June 2014

Apple Accessories, Etc, Et Al and even more!

Dear Scribblers 

Yesterday I posted an updated look of my Apple technology.
Here's my iPad and 11inch MacBook Air. If you'd like to read more, please link on this link:

Today, I'd like to show you some of the products that support the main tech. Here's a picture of some of it - 

Starting with clockwise with the top left-hand corner is my latest arrival - Canon Selphy. From what I've seen of it, up to this point, I'm very pleased with the quality and function. It's wi-fi compatible, plus with the free Canon iEPP app, you can print directly from the iPhone/iPad. When not in use, I store it in an old black quilted hard vanity case, you can see beneath the printer. It fits not only the printer and leads, but also a box of photo sheets and the instruction booklet. I've two niggles with the Selphy. You can't choose the multiple photo on one sheet function from the devices, nor can I use this an additional functions such as calendars/frames that came in the programme on the enclosed cd, as Canon is no longer supporting it for use on Apple OS X Macericks. Very disappointing! On contacting Canon, they offered a different product, but this has very limited functionality. The only way to use their multi-picture is to use the SD slot on the front. Has anyone else encountered this? What are you using instead? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

My main printer, not pictured, is also a Canon - MG3150 which I've never had any problems with. As well as being wi-fi compatible, it's also AirPrint which is perfect for using with my Apple devices. 

Next across on my photo, sitting on the Lulu Guinness iPad cover, is what looks like a black ribbed brick! It's actually a Polaroid Bluetooth Speaker (model number BT20), it's sold via Asda supermarkets and only cost £20, but it certainly packs a bunch! Once fully charged, the unit's internal rechargeable batteries last a good while, so you can be wire-free and listen to your music or podcasts, it sounds as good with music or voice, and also has a phone hands-free function, too. It works well with my iPhone and iPad. Even though it's designed to be wire free, you can use it when it's plugged in, plus there's an AUX in port, if you want to use it with a non-Bluetooth device. I've had it for well over a year, and use it almost everyday and it's still going strong. My hubby has a Jawbone Jambox mini which cost £75, and although mine doesn't have quite the depth of bass and pure audio, it certainly gives it a run for its money! 

Next round are my headphones of choice - JVC flats, they are compact with pivoting soft pad earpieces that lie flat and are easy to store. They are very comfortable and I like the clear sound quality. I'm not keen on the in-ear buds for long use, but I will use my standard Apple ones, if I need them out for taking calls, etc. However, at home; in the garden or bed, or if I'm listening for a length of time, such as on a plane, I'll always prefer my JVC ones. Interestingly, I've tried many pairs, including the expensive noise-cancelling type, or fine tuned base, and call me uncultured, but I love these. The price? £12!

Below my headphones is my slick little silver DVD/CD drive - Hewlett-Packard model DVD600s which cost about £35. It's a perfect size for use with the MacBook Air, and the colour matches too! When not in use, it lives in a black pouch! This then slides into the repurposed clutch with the laptop. (See yesterday's blog post.)

Next to it is an one stalwart of my arsenal of tech gear. My Polaroid PoGo printer, this has had so much use, and still printing! I love the 3x2 sticky-backed photos it prints, perfect for scrapbooking, journalling, smashbooking and Project Life. Unfortunately, it seems that the zink papers are getting harder to find and more expensive too, so it may be at the end of its life, although it's been a workhorse. The only issue was you couldn't print directly from the iPhone, the Bluetooth wasn't compatible, so I'd upload the photos to my Mac via Dropbox and then Bluetooth then to the PoGo. It wasn't too much of a hassle for such useful photos. 

The PoGo is sitting on top of a glossy black monolith that is my 1TB external hard drive. I keep this in my desk, and every month back up my computer using Timeline, plus I move photos and files across. This isn't my only backup, we have a wireless system across all our devices which holds much more than this. My monolith (I call it that as it reminds me of the one from 2001: A Space Odyssey) is for my personal use. 

Next around the circle is my Samsung WB750 compact camera. It's a few years old now and had a lot of use. It's 12.5 mega pixels, takes sharp images, 24 - 432mm equivalent Schneider-KREUZNACH len, full HD video and clear 3 inch screen with easy to use controls. What I don't like about it is that the sound quality on video is quite poor and it hasn't got a proper viewfinder for those times when the screen is difficult to see. I really dislike holding the camera out in front of me, I prefer to have my eye up close. It wasn't something I realised until I had this camera. What about you? What I adore about this camera is it's incredible functionality and it's full manual use. Very impressive!

I'm going to continue using this camera, but I'm now ready for something better. I've had SLRs in the past - both film and digital, preferring Nikon. I don't know whether to go back to SLRs or try a bridge camera, as you don't need to faff with changing lenses, although for the purist professional, the image quality isn't as good. What are your suggestions? I'd love to hear from you. 

Above the camera is a retro grey and black vinyl case I bought from Paperchase in a sale for around £3.50. Bargain! A perfect fit. 

Last, but not least is my Kobo e-reader which I've now had for about two and a half years. I adore it, and have written about it before on this blog - here's the link: I still feel the same about it now, as I did then. I've considered moving over to Kindle, as they dominate the market and have lower prices on some books, but I prefer the functions of the Kobo, and it's vast array of file formats that work with it. It works as well now as it did when new, taking all the new upgrades with ease. Plus, have you seen the back of the Kobo touch? -  It reminds me of my favourite designer... which is fortuitous as...

Lying to the left of the Kobo is the leather case I use for it. It's a vintage Chanel clutch cover which I've had since the mid/late 1990s. It was a present and came to me second-hand. I think it was either a late 1980s or early 1990s piece, and was my first Chanel (non beauty) item. I love it. The Kobo fits it well, and it means I get to see and use the case everyday. 

So that's all the pieces in the photo. Not shown are the SD card reader; (which I think most people known what they look like,) I use these to download pictures to the computer, but also to upload onto for either printing directly and separately on the Selphy, or taking to a photo printing machine in a supermarket or store (which I don't do very often), or my USB drives; for quick short term storage or transfer between computers, or finally, my digital pen, which you can read about here -

There's other devices in the house, such as the AppleTV, plus my hubby's tech stuff. Yes, we are both gadget geeks. What I've shown you here are my personal use tech. I hope you've enjoyed reading about it. If you can think of anything I'm missing, or would like to share your favourites, please add your comment below. 

My next post with be all things stationery, showing you some of my favourite items I'm using in my journals, Filofax, smashbooking and daily scrapbooking. 

When I upload a new blog post, I always announce it on Twitter and Instagram. Please follow me @TheCraftyScribe so you're first to hear and don't miss out. I hope you'll join me soon. 

Happy Scribing!

Important Notes

1. Please note that I am not connected to any company mentioned in this post. I do not receive any products, funding or gifting from these businesses. All products shown have been bought by me, or gifts from family or friends. I mention the items because I like them or have my own private opinion about them. It's just little old me talking about ma stuff! ;-)

2. If you would like to see more of anything in this series, please write a comment below, or 'like' and leave a comment by my 'Apple Accessories, Etc Et Al and even more!' Instagram photo, letting me know what you would like me to post photos and write about. 

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