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Monday, 4 October 2010

LSNED Paper Project Completed! Carry On Voting...

Dear Scribblers

After showing you the finished digital pages, I felt it was only right to show you my finished paper project too.

These are the finished fronts on the ATC's, along
with the decorated 'Movie Canister' CD case covers.

The backs of the cards with the date and title

And this is what I've done with them!
I've hung them up on my study wall, like bunting,
so that they look like a 'film strip'.
The tin's provide the beginning and the end.
(Sorry for the blurry photo)

Another photo showing more of the finished cards.

I hope you like seeing the finished project. Please click on any of the photos to see enlarged versions.

NOTE: Please carry on voting. There is less than a day left to go. If you find you can not add your vote, please leave your answer in today's comments. Thank you.

Happy Scribing!

1 comment:

  1. what an amazing idea. Love how it's turned out. Love your wallpaper too.


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