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Friday, 1 October 2010

New Poll and LSNED

Dear Scribblers

September is over, which means that Shimelle's course Learn Something New Every Day is wrapping up. I've loved every moment of it, and I'm pleased to announce I have finished all 30 days papers in both digital and paper formats!

30 Digital Layouts plus title and end pages completed!

Don't worry, this isn't my last LSNED post. I'll be uploading some more of the pages for you to see over the next week.

So what comes next? As well as continuing with Projects of the Day, Communiqués and 'Your Personal History' which I promise I will be completing this month. Promise! ;-) I've got a few other surprise posts up my crafty sleeves. However, I need your help.

If you look to the left of the Twitter feed above, you will see a new poll. I would like you to choose which of my previous series you would prefer to see back - My Favourite Quotes, or Journalling Prompts. I've linked back to an example of each one for you to look at.

Please vote, as it would really help me decide. The poll closes on 5 October.

Happy Scribing!

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