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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Being Social - On a bike... with a tiny violin!

Hi Scribblers

Anyone got a tiny violin? 

I've been poorly. 

This kind of poorly...
Ouch! Key hole surgery on the knee. Presently getting around on crutches, and I'm happy to report I'm on the right side of the healing mountain. Not coasting yet, but the uphill struggle is past. Ring that bell! Ding-a-ling! 

Obviously, I needed to put the brakes on, which put me out of action, but I'm trying to pedal it all back into line, to keep the cycle metaphor going - and no, a bike accident is not why I needed surgery! ;-)

I'm going to do a complete revamp on this blog soon. New look! New subjects, along with old favourites. 

If you want to join me on other platforms, please find me on Twitter, and as a newbie on Instagram. Find me - @TheCraftyScribe

What else? What else? 

Oh, I thought I'd let you know, I completed the 'Hamlet' course with FutureLearn as I discussed in a couple of previous blogs. I'm presenting studying a couple of new courses - 'Moons' and 'Shakespeare's World.' Diverse, huh? Loving them! If you are interested into taster courses dipping into subjects for 6 to 10 weeks - check out for more information. 

Happy Scribing!

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