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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Crafty Scribe Communiqué - Scrap Time Videos and How to View Them

News Flash... Communiqué... News Flash

Dear Scribblers

So sad to hear that due to circumstances beyond their control, the fabulous instructional craft videos - Scrap Time will no longer be available to download via iTunes. (Here is Scrap Time's official statement - However, do not despair! Here's how you can carry on watching:

1: Go directly to to read the blog, and watch the videos. It's a well designed site with regular updates. 

2: Go to YouTube and search for "ScrapTimeVideos", or follow this click - (for the latest video as per uploading of this post.) If you have a google/YouTube account, you can subscribe to the channel to receive the latest videos on your 'what to watch' page. 

3: Follow @ChristineUrias on Twitter and Scrap Time on Facebook - to keep in touch and find out when the latest videos are uploaded.

4: If you mainly use the podcasts app to download your content, how about using a different app? Install a content provider, such as 'Flipboard' - and add which will automatically show you the latest post when you open the app. You can either read it there, or redirect back to Safari to read/watch the content, depending on your preference. 

(Note: I am not affiliated or linked to Scrap Time in any way. I'm offering this information because I really like the craft videos. I've been watching for over six years, and I do not want them to lose their audience. Please support Christine and continue to watch her videos, and let others know how they can, too!)

Happy Scribing!

Communiqué Ends... Communiqué Ends

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