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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Crafty Scribe's Own Moment of Inspiration and Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers

Yesterday, I wrote a poem for my blog My Year As A Poet by The Crafty Scribe  entitled 'Arrow' (Entry 158)

The poem, in a haiku style, talks about the Arrow staying straight and true to hit the target.

  This reminded me of a necklace I bought a number of years ago.

  It is silver with a little dragon wrapped around an arrow.

  (I bought it from I don't think they have the charm anymore, but they have some funky stuff! Lots of celtic, dragons, witches, angels and much more. Worth a look if you've never seen their site and are into all this mystical and fantasy. P.S. Just a note, I am in no way connected to the New Moon website, I just like them!)

I bought it at a time when I was feeling uninspired, without any direction or definitive goals, and needed some motivation. When I saw the charm I knew that it was for me. A bullseye right into my soul! 

It reminds me to create goals and wishes for myself to focus on, and to stay on the path to achieve them.

Do you have an object that inspires you?

Project of the Day - Journal or create a page describing your positive or good luck charm. If you don't have one, think about all those images and symbols that inspire you, and craft about that. You might even want a shopping trip to find your secret dream object. It might be a piece of jewellery like mine, or a toy, or a statue, or a book. What able something from nature, like a stone or a feather.

What is your symbol of hope, desire and good fortune? I'd love to hear your ideas, please add your thoughts to the comments below.

Happy Scribing!

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