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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Notable Notebooks Part 5 of 5 - Used, Loved, Never to be Thrown away. A dip into an old journal.

Dear Scribblers

It's the last day of the series, 'Notable Notebooks' (Five of Five): Welcome!

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5: Used, Loved, Never to be Thrown away

Please read the important note at the bottom of the page. 

All the other books I've shown you are either in use, as we speak, or waiting for the pen to caress their pages. On this last day, I wanted to include something special to me. It's the first notebook I used as an adult returning to writing and creative endeavours. 

I began writing in it about twelve years ago, and it took me a couple of years to fill. It's just a standard hard cover journal. It originally had a lockable flat clasp (I love books with locks, must be my secret Scorpio nature!) but I've reused the fastening on another book, (make do and mend!) However the book is still dear to me. It's full of ideas, and poems, scrapbook layout designs, doodles by the dozen, dream descriptions and the odd thought process, although it's not a journal or diary, it's much more free flowing than that, and I wonder if it's because its pages are unlined, which gave me unrestricted access from mind to page. 

There's drawings of a silly idea for a witch's cat cartoon, there's stirrings of story ideas, some I've used, some still available to me. Ideas for non-fiction books, along with lists of book titles. There's even the first rough sketch of what would eventually be my tattoo! 

However, my favourite note in there is a list I made of what I want to achieve/do/enjoy in my life. Some of them were, what I considered to be, pipe dreams. I'm overwhelmed when I now read it to see the number of things ticked off, including: living by the sea, owning a classic 2.55 Chanel handbag, travelling to Hawaii, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, having a long and happy marriage, meeting Joss Whedon, and putting my hands in the prints of Marilyn Monroe's, and the feet of Gene Kelly's prints at Grauman's (Mann's/TCL) Chinese Theatre, LA.  There's other things I've achieved, and many more that I still want to do, plus new ideas I want to add. Time to write a new list! 

As you fill up your notebooks, remember to dip back onto your old favourites. Never throw them away as you never know what gem you might find. My sunny first book lives on a shelf by my desk, along with a few of my other filled favourites, ready to delve into and give a sprinkle of pre-made inspiration when the blank bland brain needs some seasoning to get things stirring. 

I hope you've enjoyed this series of 'Notable Notebooks.' As an extra post, I will soon blog about the pens I use to write in these books. It may surprise you, as I have a digital pen to tell you all about. 

To finish, here's a nostalgic blog moment, here's something I used to add to the end of my posts...

Project of the Day!
Take your present ideas notebook, or grab yourself a brand new book, but it must be handwritten, and you must be able to retrieve what you've written in the future. 

On your next/first page, write the heading, "My Wish List: 100 Things I Want Achieve in My Life."
And get writing. 100 different goals, from the small and easily achievable, to those things you consider to be beyond your dreams. Just let it flow! Don't censor yourself. If it comes to mind. Write it down. I've even got "travel into space" on mine. Go for it. Continue until you have all 100. Then turn the page, and get on with writing, creating, living your life. Let the list go. Then see what happens. You never know until you try! :-)

Happy Scribing!

Important Notes

1. Please note that I am not connected to any company mentioned in this post. I do not receive any products, funding or gifting from these businesses. All products shown have been bought by me, or gifts from family or friends. I mention the items because I like them or have my own private opinion about them. It's just little old me talking about ma stuff! ;-)

2. If you would like to see more of anything in this series including more of my filled journals, or even the story behind my tattoo, please write a comment below, or 'like' and leave a comment by my Notable Notebooks Instagram photo, letting me know what you would like me to post photos and write about. 

3. If you like what you read, don't forget to bookmark this site, and please share it with your friends. 

4. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram - @TheCraftyScribe which I update regularly with all things crafty, scribbling, beauty, fashion, the cats, sci-fi, fantasy, and the ephemera of 42*................... *42 = Life, The Universe and Everything!

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