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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Throwback Blog Posts and Instagram

Dear Scribblers

In recent weeks, as part of their #ThrowbackThursday tag, I've been uploading photos to Instagram showing old blog posts, concentrating on The "Favourite Things" series I wrote in June/July 2011. Yes, that long ago! Where does the time go to?

This is today's photo:

If you don't want to go searching through the archive, here's a link to the original post -

Sometimes it's good to take a meander down through memory data. By the way, in the entry above, there's a further link to a blog post previous to that from June 2010! How's that for double Throwback Thursday? Then in that post, there's a link to a poem, which is no longer on-line, although there are some poems still available on the 365poet2010 site, but there are many more on: 

It's like going down that rabbit hole (or The Cherek Bore,) you might never get out! ;-)  

Happy Scribing!

If you would like to find me on Instagram or Twitter, I'm @TheCraftyScribe 

If you are interested in reading bad poetry, and would like me to dig out 'The Book Tower', the poem mentioned in the June '10 post, please let me know in the comments below, or via Twitter. 

Looking forward to seeing you. 

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