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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Crafty Scribe's Favourite Quotes - 7, and a Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers

Here's another affirmation of articulation, and sentence of smarts, by Albert Einstein -
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
Has this happened to you? You look back on your life to assess a time of trouble to say, "Wow! If I didn't go through that - then this amazing thing wouldn't have happened." or "When I thought that I was at my lowest, this happened to help me." 

This links to that other popular saying -
"Everything happens for a reason."
Once you take a breath and a step back from a situation; a solution, or a way to alleviate the burdens, can often be found, producing events to ease and assist, or even create brand new opportunities you would have never ever considered. The difficulty can be an enormous life changing incident, or it can be something seemingly insignificant, which brings me to today's project.

Project of the Day - Do you have a scrapbook page, mini-book, art work, or piece of writing you are having difficulty with? Have you set it to one side, and think that you will never complete it?

If so, take it out now. Look at it with fresh eyes.

  • Can you create a new opportunity out of it? 
  • Can you see a way of fixing the problem to continue with your original idea, now that you haven't worried about it for a while?
  • Or can you move away from that idea, and alter the project so that it becomes something entirely new?

I did exactly that with the project below. I had planned to create a little holiday mini-book using pub beer mats at the base. I started it, but found I wasn't particularly keen on this size of project for the photos I wanted to use. I needed to go larger.

However, I'd completed a couple of mats, so I quickly made another base, and joined them together to create a little hanging banner 'photo frame' for my study wall. I added papers to the backside of each mat, and added hidden journalling to each one. (It's photographed lying on a table, when it's on the wall it hangs in a curve.)

Go ahead! Salvage that difficult project, and create a new opportunity from it. Finish it today.

Happy Scribing!

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