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Friday, 21 May 2010

A Nature Question - Please Help! And a Project of the Day

Dear Scribblers

I know that you are an intelligent bunch out there, and I'm hoping some of you know a bit about nature. Here's a question - We have lots of little fluffy cotton-like wispy 'snow' drifting in the air. Does anyone know what it is?

I'm baffled, we've lived in the same house for 11 years, and this is the first time we've seen this. As I wrote in my poem on My Year as A Poet, it's like fairy snow - all soft and floaty, if you can catch a few and rub them together they look like cotton wool. My husband thinks that it is coming from a big tree we have near us, but it's never done this before. I just think the stuff is getting caught on the tree, and then blowing off it again on the next breeze.

Can anyone help me?

Project of the Day - Taking Time to Wonder at Nature and the Weather.

Here in the UK the seasons are turning. We are having a beautiful summer's day today. What is the weather like where you are? Take a snapshot to illustrate today, and add it to your journal or scrap-page. 

For a longer project, how about making a rule to take a photo of the same view on the same day every month or 3 months, (e.g. every 1st of the month, or the 15th of Jan, April, July and Oct?) and record the turning of the seasons. As soon as you have a full year make up a page/mini-book/art journal layout showing your world around you.

Happy Scribing!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you to everyone who sent in ideas. The mystery is solved. It's Aspen/Poplar seeds!


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