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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Two Projects of the Day - That other form of poetic quotes... music lyrics

Dear Scribblers

Just a quick message today, as a thought passed through my brain. Well, actually, music lyrics are going through my brain, and apt ones at that!

I can't get the chorus from 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely' by Peter Sarstedt out of my head! You know the line:
"Where Do You Go To My Lovely/When Your Alone in Your Bed/Tell Me The Thoughts That Surround You/I Want To Look Inside Your Head."
I love the lyrics of the whole of the song, and of course, it got me thinking...

Project of the Day 1 - What song lyrics stick with you? Create a project based on the lyrics, and why they resonate with you. Create a list of favourite lyrics. Or use lyrics to create a title for your page about another subject.

Project of the Day 2 - I Want To Look Inside Your Head! What's going on inside your mind today? Make an impromptu page in your own style. Collage works well for this. See what pops up.

Happy Scribing!

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