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Monday, 27 September 2010

Interpretation with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

How do you use the papers and embellishments you are going to use? Do you choose the photo first, and then the papers? Or the other way round? What about if you are doing a series like this, and you've limited your colour palette, how do you add interpretation to your page?

For example, I already had my colours set, and the photo and title ready for my layout below. I thought to myself, what can I add to bring it all together?

I thought about the picture of the clear sky. I thought about the title of blue sky thinking. What did that remind me of? Of course...

... Butterflies!

Happy Scribing!

1 comment:

  1. I don't get to scrap as much as I used to, and it was mainly digital to save space! But I try to plan my card making in the same way you do. Though due to my job..the papers tend to be the first thing I look at and then work other parts of my stash in with them. The butterfly is an excellent addition to your page..and that water and sky is just what I could do with seeing now! But I'll just have to enjoy your picture as I have paper designing to get done but maybe butterflies will inspire me this morning.
    Anice xx


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