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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Look on The Lighter Side with LSNED

Dear Scribblers

Coming home after a holiday can be quite disheartening, but seeing the cases waiting to go back into the loft made me smile.

Don't you think the top open case looks like it's down in the mouth? I think they want to go back on holiday, don't you?

As well as the previous stash, I've also used the circle stamp and ticket stub from Stacy Marks Courtship kit, and background sheet from Sande Kreiger's World Traveler kit.

Happy Scribing!



  1. Yes it does look so sad I'm sure it is crying {{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}} case it will soon be holiday time again.

  2. hehe, you're right! That case does look very sad :( Coming home from holiday is horrible, specially when the weather is cold like it is today!!


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