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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 12 - Cat Rule number 136 - Always hog the last ray of sunshine. Whatever the weather.

Dear Scribblers

The sun has been shining in clear blue skies here in the south of the UK. Don't you notice what a difference it makes when the weather is good? Everyone is happy, and there's a buzz of excitement in the air. I think it's also due to the fact the Olympics officially begin tomorrow. How exciting!

As it's all about the weather, I've chosen to show you this layout from LSNED 2011.

It's all about how the cats can always find the last bit of sunshine in the garden or the house.

The printed title reads: "Deep Summer Is When Laziness Finds Respectability (Sam Keen) - Turns To -  It Was One Of Those Perfect English Autumnal Days Which Occur More Frequently In Memory Than In Life. (PD James)"

The quote within the circle tree is by Lesley Anne Ivory from 'Cats in the Sun' - "At the end of the day when the sun is setting, cats may be seem making the most of the last little corners still in sunshine, until the shadows lengthen and the sun slopes round the other side of the world to awaken all the cats there."

To make the layout, I painted the background in watercolours to look like a cartoon-style sky and gently sloping hill. All the papers and the main title came from two separate kits that came free with Scrapbook Magazine - "Summer scrap kit" and "The Autumn Wishes" collections. I cut out pieces to make the title, sun set, trees, top and bottom borders and arrows to bring focus to the title. The alpha and number tiles for the date also came from the kit.

I printed out a number of suitable photos of my cats, Draco and Merlin, to the sizes I wanted, and cut around them so they appeared more embedded into the scene.

This is another one of my pages where I felt I was getting the knack of art journalling rather than straight on scrapbooking. Plus the layout cost pennies, just a lick of watercolour paint, free papers and both photos printed at home on a single A4 photo quality sheet. Thrifty!

Enjoy your day. Whatever the weather!

Happy Scribing!

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