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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 3 - Footprints... Sole to Soul

Dear Scribblers

Here's the next page, I'd like to share, from LSNED - Sept 2011

I hope you can read the writing. It's all about the words for this page... and of course, the feet! My hubby and I had fun doing this one, painting each other's feet with red and purple acrylic paint and stamping down directly onto the book. Although it was less fun (actually, maybe even more fun) trying to get the smaller prints from the cats!

Lots of time spent, trying to keep them still enough to ink a paw and then not having them walk the ink over the house! In the end, we nabbed them in the garden, and used some plain white A4 sheets for them to walk over. It sort of worked. I then cut out the best prints of the lot and layered them onto red thin corrugated card, and did the same with the red heart print paper, cutting out both hearts by hand.

There's an extra little note at the bottom which reads, "I also learnt that trying to make kitty prints is... well, like herding cats. Impossible!"

You'll be pleased to learn that the cats received fresh prawns for tea that day as payment for their help!

I also wanted to make sure the end of the title finished at the bottom of my foot. Soul on the sole, you see. Get it? I like to play with words, me!

Happy Scribing!

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