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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 5 - The Wonders of the Universe... Sorry, without Dr Brian Cox!

Dear Scribblers

A dark LSNED page for you today, but with a positive meaning.

I painted the whole of the background with black acrylic, and then using an air gun, blew paint onto the pages in a variety of colours. You could get the same effect using a straw. Just don't suck the paint back up the straw too far! I'm sure a mouthful of paint isn't very tasty at all. Yuck!

I sprinkled glitter into a few places which stuck where the paint was still wet. The white paint burst behind the photo was actually cut from a shopping mall's brochure, which I added a layer of pale glitter to. The photo came from NASA's website, I think, or from one of the mainly space photos sites on the internet. I then used a white gel pen to write and to doodle with. The main title is stencilled from a standard school-type alphabet plastic stencil.

It reads. "Our daily problems are insignificant in relation to the wonders of the universe. Our lives are a blip in the cosmos, don't fret the small stuff! Celebrate being alive!"

There's further writing around the white paint bursts which reads, "As Humans, we spend so much time worrying, complaining and stressing our our day to day lives, making dramas over the tiniest thing which seems so big, so right out enormous at that moment in time, but look at it in comparison to where we live. I don't mean your house, street, town, country or even the whole world. I'm talking about being a child of the universe. The fact we are even alive, and know this, is a MIRACLE! It's amazing to be part of the energy of the UNIVERSE. This vast wonderful system, full of beauty and things known and unknown. Part of everything forever. Now don't those issues seem small? Enjoy today. Marvel in life."

Happy Scribing!

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