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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 9 - Getting to grips with art journalling... It's Easy Like Sunday Morning.

Dear Scribblers

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Enjoy your days whatever you are doing.

Now, talking about the weekend, here's one I made for a Sunday for LSNED

The title reads, "Life made fabulous. Easy like Sunday morning, followed by thunder bolt and lightning, very, very frightening!"

I remember this day, it began beautiful and sunny, and ended up dark and brooding culminating in a massive storm.

I tried to get the page to reflect this. As Sundays in our home always begins with a trawl through the papers and supplements, I decided to use newspapers as the theme.

The background is ripped up pieces of proper newspapers and stuck down with wet glue, much in the same way as you make paper-maiche, although just a thin layer to cover the pages. I then painted over the whole think with watercolours, leading to dark colours on the end to represent the storm.

I used words out of the newspaper to make my title, apart from the last section which was tiled paper letters I had in my stash, and the pictures and cartoon (including the row of flowers along the bottom) all came from the papers too. In fact, the relaxed girl was actually made up of three separate pictures  (legs body head) stuck to make one image, take about being Dr. Craftenstein!!!

I think this was one of the first pages I made where I actually thought I was getting to grips with the difference between scrapbooking and art journalling. What do you think? Although it's great to be part of Shimelle's LSNED course in September as anything goes.

Happy Scribing!

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