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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - The End. Holiday Scrapbooking coming next.

Dear Scribblers

So that's it! The end of my meander through some of my layouts from last year's Learn Something New Everyday course. I hope it was better late than never, and would to hear love your feed back.

I really enjoyed completing all 30 days, it was the third year and each time it's been totally different. Art journalling in this form was a new experience for me. I'm usually one or more photo a layout type of a person, and this book only contains 7 pages with photos, all the rest are drawings, magazine cut-outs, photos from other sources or mainly writing. It was very freeing to try, and it gave me the urge to attempt some form of art journal every day this year... but that's for another blog post!

I'll be joining LSNED again this September, and I have ideas already for it. I think I'll be returning to my photos every day, as I do miss the photography, probably using my Polaroid PoGo printer 2x3 sizes, that reminds me, I need to order some paper packs! I was searching through my stash recently and found that I have an abundance of tags, all different sizes and colours, which makes me think that I might be making a tag mini-book this year.

So what's next for The Crafty Scribe blog? As I've already hinted above, I will be showing you in depth the project I've been working on for the whole of 2012 in a little while, but before then I will be running a completely new series.

What I did on my Summer Holidays...

Did you find that every year, when you returned back to school after the bliss of six weeks freedom, the first essay the teacher asked you to write was that! What I did on my Summer Holidays.

What I would like to show you is what I've done on my summer holidays in the past. Well, more like, how I've scrapbooked my summer holidays, and some winter ones too. The different pages I've made, how my style has changed and the how I seem to have changed from 12x12 pages to mini-books and digital. I wonder if you look back at your past scrapping, how has your style and design changed? Come along with me as we journey through our past vacations.

Beginning soon!

Happy Scribing!

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