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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 2 - Life is a Roller-coaster!

Dear Scribblers

Here's the second page I'd like to share with you from Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday course in September 2011. I hope you'll understand if I write it as LSNED from now on.

This is the double layout for each day that I explained in yesterday's post. I was a little nervous about tackling what was 18x11 inches of blank space each day, but going about it as an art journal, instead of what would be almost a standard 12x12 scrapbook page with another half (6inch width) tacked onto the side, I found it easier to think about. If you get my meaning. That would be an enormous amount of space for me to scrapbook with layer papers, but with paints and art journal freedom... not so much. It seemed to be the right amount.

The extra length meant I could tackle ideas like this one! My life as a rollercoaster. The journalling reads, "I learnt that when you deal with pain on a daily basis, Life truly is a rollercoaster! The best way to cope is to relax, take the dips as you take the highs and remember... always remember to ENJOY THE RIDE!"

I used watercolour paints again, with Whispers Strokes watercolour and permanent double-ended pens (used a lot on the whole LSNED project), Cosmos Cricket letter stickers, and the rollercoaster framework is thin black ribbon.

Happy Scribing!

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