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Friday, 13 July 2012

Lessons Learnt - 1 - Off We Go with Shimelle's LSNED... 2011?!?

Lessons Learnt in September 2011

Dear Scribblers

What one thing an elephant and The Crafty Scribe do not have in common?

I forgot!

(I won't tell you what I do have in common with an elephant. It could be a long post! By the way, how do you know if there's an elephant in your fridge?...................................... Footprints in the butter!)

Back to the post at hand, or at keypad, or touch pad, or mouse. Mouse? Ekkkk! We are back to that elephant in the room again.

Now I've that silliness out of the way.

Way back in September, I completed Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday course for the third time, and it was just as enjoyable as the first... and the second.

I realised that I hadn't posted any of the photos of my pages for you on the blog. I forgot! I'm sorry. But never fear, I delved into my external hard-drive to recover a selection of my favourites for you to see. I'll be posting them over the next few days.

Here is the first:

As you'll notice, I went for something completely different last year... art journalling. It was the first time, I attempted anything like this so was a little tentative to begin with. This was my internal title page, using watercolour paints, stamps and letter stickers.

My forgetfulness shows itself once again as I can't remember names of products used. The majority of it was quite old stash. I'll list those that I remember as we move through the days.

The plain pale cream paged ring-bound book was approx 9 x 11 inches (23x28cm). Only the inside title and end pages are single sheets. Each day covered two facing pages, as you will see. The cover was plain cardboard which I also decorated.

I hope you stay with me as I show you around the favourites of my messy arty painty and scrapbooky pages from September 2011. Better late than never, right? I hope!

Happy Scribing!

P.S. Why did the elephant paint the bottom of his feet pale yellow?........................................................ So he could hide upside down in the butter in the fridge, of course! 

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